What are the top 5 positive thinking apps?

Oakland hills

Oakland hills

App Guide: The top 5 positive thinking apps (Hint: The very first one on this list is the one I use)

With so many free and low-cost apps available, it is easy and fun to be more engaged with your health. I selected the following apps for you based on their potential to help you develop a positive mindset. If you have read some of my posts, you will have noticed that my mantra is POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE. A positive perspective can be acquired in many different ways. Some ways are:

– exercise

– gratitude journal

– replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts

– relaxation

– meditation

A positive state of mind will support your overall well-being and will help you reduce the feeling of homesickness. With my positivity philosophy in mind, I picked these 5 positive thinking apps. Additional factors I considered in selecting these apps are affordability, format, accessibility and ease-of-use.

Together, this collection represents a range of helpful apps that are successfully designed to help you live a positive, less homesick life. (Remember, the first one I regularly use myself)

1. Take A Break App – meditation

iPhone, Android – free, The one I use

I use this app nearly every day! It is an instant stress relief and helps improve my ability to manage stress! It is great in relaxing me and I can instantly feel the body’s aches and tension melt away.

Remember, in one of my posts, “How to reduce homesickness stress through relaxation” I wrote about a study that shows that relaxation techniques ease the feeling of homesickness in college students.

The app offers deep relaxation, stress relief and the benefits of meditation, as you are voice-guided step by step. I love that it gives you a short 7-minute “Work Break Relaxation”. Something you can easily fit into your workday. And there is also a 13-minute “Stress Relief Meditation”. You can listen to both with music or nature sounds. But use a head set for the total experience!


Take a Break App

2. Momento App – journal writing

iPhone, iPad – free

Momento is a fun and easy to use journaling application that lets you record your own personal thoughts throughout your day and integrates everything with social media. You can sync your social feeds like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and you can export everything via iTunes file as well.

Extensive research reveals that journaling daily has a relaxing impact on people.  Write every day about three things you are grateful for. Record at least one positive experience as well. Your brain will start to give more emphasis to positive things, which will increase your overall satisfaction with life.

You can read in one of my posts “Homesick strategy: Journal your way to a happier self” about the benefits of journaling and how it will help you with your feeling of homesickness. You will also find tips of how to start journaling.


Momento App


3. Couch to 5K – exercise program

iPhone, iPad, Android – $1.99

This award-winning app gets you off the couch in no time! Bust homesickness with exercise! That is the title of one of my posts. Exercise will make you feel good, renew your energy and motivation, and will give you positive thoughts from those happy hormones – the endorphins. Even when you are far from home!

This app eases you into running a 5K in just 9 weeks. Spend just 20-30 minutes running three times a week. During the first week, you alternate jogging for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds. From there, each week you run a little longer and walk less in between.

You can choose from 5 different motivating virtual coaches. You receive cues to guide you through each workout, and you are able to listen to your favorite music playlist. Additionally, you can calculate your distance and keep a workout log.

Couch to 5k App

4. Mindbloom Life Game App – reach your life goals

Web, free

This is for the people who like social gaming. Social gaming taken to the next level using a unique combination of behavioral science, personalized rich media, and fun social gaming techniques! Mindbloom enables you to reach your life goals by defining what is important to you, by discovering what motivates you, and by taking meaningful daily actions in all areas of your life. These areas of your life are: health, relationships, lifestyle, spirituality, finances, career and creativity.

When you start the game, focus on improving your life in the new surroundings by taking steps and changing behavior so you can overcome feeling homesick. For this, you will find 19 strategies in one of my posts “Dealing with homesickness – 19 ways to overcome it”. Watch this video to get an understanding how Mindbloom Life Game works.

5. Moodscope App – take control of your mood

Web, free

Here you can game a little again. Measure your mood every day with a card game and track your daily scores to learn what could be causing your ups and downs. This way you learn how to deal with your moods and how to avoid them. Then you can optimize your actions/emotions that contribute to your emotional wellbeing. The test is simple, best done instinctively (don’t think too much about it). If you want to, you are able to share your score via email with trusted friends. They support you by acting as your buddies.

Two of my posts talk about changing your perspective, “5 steps to unravel your own perspective and overcome homesickness” and your negative thoughts, “Don’t fall into this trap that could intensify your homesickness”, so that you bring out the positive aspects in your life. Read them after you have signed up with Moodscope. View this short video and learn how Moodscope works.


These positive thinking apps will help you optimize your life. The question is then, what should we all be optimizing for?


“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” – Dalai Lama


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