Less homesick to embrace your life at college or in your new home

Why Refreshed Perspectives will help you overcome feeling homesick

Homesick in CA? It's too beautiful here!If you feel homesick because you have just moved to a new town or neighborhood or because you left home to go to college, then you can find help and support here on my website of Refreshed Perspectives.

Besides learning about practical tools to alleviate you from feeling homesick, here you will also learn how to manage your homesickness stress level by learning to change the way you think and the way you react to those thoughts. You will gain a positive mindset for an optimistic outlook on your future.

Studies have shown that receiving training in this psychological technique is effective in alleviating homesickness and the problems that you may encounter in your new environment.

Studies have shown that receiving training in this psychological technique is effective in alleviating homesickness and the problems that you may encounter in your new environment. (If you are interested in this study and want to read it, click here)

I will break down these techniques into simple, actionable steps that can help you make you feel at home and feel less homesick. Additionally, I will show you strategies that work in real life and assist you with your transition (e.g. staying in contact with your old home and friends, finding new friends, embracing your new home, keeping healthy and fit during this time of transition).

Homesickness cannot be prevented, but I can help you change its intensity. Ready to receive some help? Ready to receive some free tools? Enter your email address below to receive a free research-based email course “How to keep homesickness in check” and get free updates .


How can you get started on Refreshed Perspectives

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What got me started on my current path

Hi, my name is Heike McNally. Doesn’t my name say it all?

Yes, an international marriage! A German first name and an American/Irish last name. I am a German woman happily married since quite a long time to my wonderful American husband. Living the international life definitely spices up your life. Something I couldn’t now live without.

Though, it has some downsides as well. I had my fair share of feeling homesick during my life so far. These feelings of homesickness range in severity as well as length and the longing for different homes.

As you might be able to guess, it was most difficult leaving my home country and permanently moving to the US. Initially I was so badly homesick that I got close to blowing off my wedding and going back home to Germany. A German friend helped me get through that difficult time.

What a big mistake it would have been to not marry my soul mate! At that time there was no Internet where I could have sought help. But now in the technology age you are able to read through my website to find tips and strategies that will aid you to overcome your homesickness in order to put you in the position of being able to make objective life decisions.

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Have you ever heard about reverse homesickness?

Do you feel homesick when you move back home?

For two years we moved to Germany and homesickness hit me very unexpectedly.  How could it be that I was now missing the US? The human mind is a strange thing!

Luckily, I have overcome homesickness pretty quickly and it didn’t hit me too hard either when we moved back to Atlanta. We spent many happy years in Atlanta until just recently when we moved to California because of my husband’s new job.

This time we left our wonderful home in Atlanta, many dear friends and my rewarding teaching position as a Latin teacher. And we left our two college kids behind in Georgia. We had felt so lucky having them close by. Now we were the ones who moved far away and not our children. I definitely miss my Atlanta home.


So here I am. My journey (of my many moves and learning from my experiences of how to overcome homesickness) gave me the impetus to start this blog.

During these past years I realized that my optimistic outlook on life and being able to keep negative thoughts at bay helped me in these difficult situations.

Developing a positive mindset is essential and it works.

When I researched homesickness on the Internet I did not find many articles that take a deeper look at helping homesick individuals. However, I have found a study involving homesick college students who after receiving 10-week training in establishing positive thinking felt a decrease in their homesickness.

This study confirms my strong belief that you can channel your thoughts in a positive direction to allow you to embrace your new home. I want to share these strategies with you, which help you to overcome homesickness.

Developing a positive mindset is essential and it works.

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